A TEENAGER from Hook has called on young people to consider overseas volunteering.

Kate Treacher, 19, travelled to Tanzania in March to work alongside young volunteers to fight poverty in the country.

She raised £1000 for VSO before leaving for Africa, and learnt valuable new skills whilst making new friends and making a difference.

She said: “Many primary school children in Tanzania do not have a basic understanding of issues that are crucial to their education and ultimately survival.

“Although every school in Tanzania should be running after school clubs, many are not which leads to a gap in knowledge amongst the children surrounding issues such as child’s rights, the environment and sportsmanship.

“There were so many myths and misunderstandings about sexual health, like that drinking flat Coca Cola could stop you from getting pregnant! We explained that this wasn’t true, and spoke about reliable contraception.”

Since returning to the UK, Kate has undertaken the ‘Action at Home’ project, organising a talk at the Rotary Club and with young people.

“I think it is so important to tell people about the experience I had and what I got out of it as well as how other people can help back causes just like this one,” Kate continued.

“Previously, I didn’t really have a clear idea of what kind of career would suit me. Now I know that I want to do something in order to educate young children and so I have decided to train to be a primary school teacher.”

For others wishing to take part, the ICS scheme is funded by UK aid, so there is no need to pay, have qualifications of work experience.