A GROUP designed to help people going through divorce or separation is relaunching in Basingstoke.

Divorce Recovery Workshop left the town a couple of years ago but has returned after a former attendee wanted to help others.

Charlotte Gruntowska has been divorced for five and a half years and found the group helpful when she needed it.

“I am really passionate about bringing it back to Basingstoke because it brought so much to me,” she said.

“You go through a process of acceptance and at the end of it you emerge from it as a single person ready to face the world again.”

The workshop consists of six parts that prepares people going through divorce or separation on what’s to come and helps them make peace with their break.

Charlotte was keen to underline that the group was open to people going through relationship break-ups and those cohabiting too.

“I just want people to know that we are here.”

“We are conscious that there are so many people going through divorce and break ups and it is a really lonely place,” she continued.

The six parts are split over two days, on October 19 and 26, running between 9am and 4.30pm.

They’ll be run at St Mary’s Church and cost £80, which includes lunch on both days.

“If you really feel this is for you but the money is a worry then contact us and if we can help then we will,” Charlotte told the Gazette.

She also urges people who are in need of support, but unsure of whether they want to go to the event, to get in contact and talk to them.

She’s planning on running the workshops twice a year.

“Just talk to us and if we can help we will.”