AFTER a momentous but turbulent week in Parliament, Boris Johnson heads to Dublin today to meet Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

He will speak to the Taoiseach about plans for the Irish border backstop, the sticking point of Theresa May’s deal, whilst Varadkar will ask the PM how he expects to get a deal through Parliament without having a majority.

It comes at the start of a week that will see Parliament prorogued and possibly an early general election called.

On Monday, it is widely expected that the ‘anti no-deal’ law passed by MPs and put through the House of Lords last week will gain royal assent, seeing it officially put into law.

It will see Mr Johnson forced to seek an extension to the Article 50 process at October’s European Council, unless MPs vote in favour of a deal or no deal before that date.

On Monday evening, it is expected that Boris Johnson will ask MPs to back an early general election.

He had previously tried on Wednesday, only for Labour and the SNP to abstain, meaning it did not get the two thirds majority it needed under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

It is again likely to be defeated after opposition parties have agreed to reject the attempt, wanting the backbench Bill to block no-deal to pass into law and the PM to seek an extension to the Article 50 process first.

Following that, Mr Johnson will officially prorogue Parliament.

It will be shut down until October 14, ready for a Queen’s Speech to signal the government’s plans for the new parliamentary session.

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