IT is “like you are following a bin truck”.

That is how one resident, who hasn’t had her building’s communal rubbish bins collected for four weeks, describes the stench.

Sam Lowe, who lives on Appleton Drive in Marnel Park, says that her bins haven’t been collected since the collection routes changed at the start of August.

She reported this to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council every week, but the bins are yet to be collected.

“It is not a difficult task, they set the date themselves so they should be able to keep to the contract,” Sam told the Gazette.

In this time, her recycling has been collected as expected.

She continued: “It is not pleasant going in there with the smell,” likening it to “fermenting rubbish”.

She says that flies are gathering and that she experienced particularly bad smells over the bank holiday weekend, when temperatures exceeded 30 degrees.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, Hayley Eachus, apologised for the issues facing some residents, saying: “We are working hard to resolve any issues brought to our attention during this move to rebalance the rounds and make them more environmentally friendly.

“The first six to eight weeks of a major project like this requires crews and residents to adjust to the new rounds and collection days.

“Residents are asked and encouraged to report all missed bins within 24 hours and these reports show just a very small number (0.2%) of the total bins collected weekly are missed, however work continues to reduce this further.”

She continued: “Where there is a repeated issue reported to us this is fully investigated to understand why.

“Examples include where the resident has placed the bin may not be obvious to the new crews or even restricted access to a bin store.

“The waste team and Serco work through these with the residents to try to find a solution that works for everyone.”