A LOCAL MP has said that the option of a no-deal Brexit "has to stay on the table".

The comments from Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke, comes on a day where the House of Commons could vote to block a no-deal Brexit and hold a general election.

Opposition MPs and rebels from the Conservatives took control of today's business in the House last night, in order to pass a Bill that would see the Prime Minister forced to ask the EU for an extension to the Article 50 process, and outlaw leaving without a deal unless MPs then vote in favour of it.

In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Ms Miller said: "To give the UK the best negotiating position possible with the EU, "no deal" has to stay on the table-that has not changed."

She was replying to a tweet from PM Boris Johnson, saying that: "Corbyn's surrender bill would mean years of uncertainty and delay."

Earlier on Wednesday, the a Scottish court ruled that Mr Johnson was allowed to prorogue Parliament.

A judge in the Court of Session rejected the appeal to have the suspension outlawed, although the decision will be appealed.

The motion to take control of today's business passed by 328-301, despite threats by Number 10 that they would expel any Conservative MP that voted against the government.

As a result, 21 MPs had the whip removed, including former Chancellors Phillip Hammond and Kenneth Clarke, Tory leadership contender Rory Stewart, former Attorney General Dominic Grieve and Winston Churchill’s grandson Sir Nicholas Soames.

This followed extraordinary scenes when, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was speaking in the House, Conservative MP Phillip Lee crossed the floor to defect to the Liberal Democrats.

He sat next to leader Jo Swinson, meaning that Mr Johnson had lost his working majority in the House.

The expulsions meant the combined Opposition had a majority in the House of 22.

On Tuesday night, all of the region’s MPs voted with the government and against the bid to take over Commons business.