RESIDENTS are in shock after two stabbings took place in Basingstoke within the space of nine minutes on Saturday night.

The first was reported at a property in Shooters Way at 10.44pm, and the second at Normanton Road at 10.53pm.

One resident said they had been told a man had been dragged to an alleyway of Shooters Way before being airlifted to hospital where he later died.

Today officers could be seen combing the alley and other nearby areas for evidence.

A property in Shooters Way has been cordoned off as part of a crime scene.

The curtains of the home were visibly stained with blood while there were also splashes on both the upstairs and downstairs windowsills.

The police cordon extends along the front of South View Junior School and covers Nash Close and the adjacent field.

Another cordon has been set up in Normanton Road.

One resident shared photos with the Gazette showing the area today, with police and dogs searching the area.

Basingstoke Gazette: Police dogs were spotted in the area on SundayPolice dogs were spotted in the area on Sunday

She said: “After what happened in Oakridge last night, police with dogs outside my house and all cordoned off at the back. What is this town coming to?

“My condolences to the family of the poor guy that didn't make it.”

Many residents say they heard a helicopter overhead late on Saturday night but were shocked to discover the severity of the situation when news broke on Sunday morning.

“It doesn’t happen in Basingstoke,” said one passer-by at the scene of the second stabbing. “London maybe, but not here.”

Others told the Gazette that they no longer feel the area is as safe as it used to be.

“It’s got really lively lately,” said one resident of Normanton Road.

“It was a real nice area before. You could leave your car unlocked every night but these days you can’t do anything.”

Another man, who lives opposite the property in which the first stabbing took place, said: “It’s getting worse in Oakridge, I know that much.”

While many residents’ concerns are growing, Ursula Tucker, of Baynard Close, says she has lived in the area over a decade but “never seen anything like this.”

She recalled: “I was asleep, my granddaughter woke me up – ‘Nan, there’s a helicopter!’ She thought it was crashing into the house.”

Borough Councillor Laura James lives just a few doors away from where the first stabbing took place.

She said: “I live in Shooters Way and I heard the police helicopter last night, the ambulances and police cars.

“The police are now investigating these very serious incidents, but of course residents are understandably concerned.”

The two stabbings are being treated as “potentially linked and targeted events”, police say.

Officers will remain in the vicinity, conducting house to house enquiries and carrying out extra patrols throughout the day.

“If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to them,” said DCI Dave Storey from Hampshire Constabulary’s Major Crime Unit.