A BURNT OUT car left abandoned next to the A30 has been identified as a stolen Jaguar. 

Police say the F-Face model car, worth around £36,000 brand new, was stolen following a burglarly in Kempshott in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Robbers broke into a home in Kempshott and took the expensive car off the driveway. 

They made off with the car and hours later, it was found by the side of the A30 on fire.

A witness found the car ablaze by the westbound carraigeway at the traffic lights near Junction 7 of the M3 at around 4.30am of that morning. 

"I was one of a few that called the fire brigade, the fire brigade (was) aware and their fire engine turned up a few seconds later," said Marie Gibbs, who was passing-by whilst the blaze was in progress.

"The car was fully encased in flames and the heat had started to burn the surrounding bushes, but I was unable to see if anyone was inside.

"From where it was, the only other person around the flaming car was another car driver travelling at the time."

Hampshire Fire and Rescue said that a call came in at around 4.20am on Sunday, 25 August, and that one crew from Basingstoke attended to extinguish the fire.

They added: "One private vehicle was 100% destroyed by fire."

One hose reel, two breathing apparatus and two tanks of water were used.

The only part of the vehicle to not be destroyed was the tyres, with the rest of the metal shell reduced to ashes.

The seat frames were visible, along with parts of the engine, whilst two of the doors were lying next to the carcass.

Police told the Gazette they were called to the scene just after 7.41am. 

Police are asking anyone with any information regarding the fire or the theft to contact them on 101, quoting reference number 44190301678.