A MAN who threatening to “spit and bite” police officers has appeared in court.

Ian Christopher George, of Fylingdales Close, Buckskin, appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court today (August 29) charged with one count of assault by beating and one count of using threatening or abusive language towards a police officer on August 26.

The 50-year-old pleaded guilty to both charged.

The court heard how on August 26 a witness saw George walking towards a woman sat in Western Way, South Ham, with “clenched fists” before making a “clothesline like motion” and knocking is victim back onto a nearby bench and continued to “punch her multiple times”.

The Magistrates were told how the witness tired to intervene to stopped “the victim from any more harm” by George insisted that he was not being violent towards the woman they were “just arguing.”

The witness had called the police to attend which George shouted, “I’ve got a tool and I’m going to stick it in the officers.”

When officers arrived at the scene and arrested the Buckskin resident, he threatened to “spit and bite” the officers when they let him out if their vehicle.

The court heard how this behaviour continued when he was placed in a holding cell by “Fleming up spit with blood in it” to spit at the officers.

George had previously been in front of Magistrates on July 17 for an assault on an emergency worker.

The magistrates said they needed more time to discuss what sentence to pass and adjourned the case until September 18.

When leaving the court George exclaimed “you can all suck your own c**ks”.

A SEPARATE case heard later on Thursday, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Michael Hammond after he failed to attend court.

Mr Hammond, 26, currently of Westray Close, is charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

It is alleged that, between April 1 and May 1, 2019, he failed to investigate the causes of its underweight and poor body condition, and that he failed to meet its needs for a suitable diet and living conditions.