STUDENTS from Cranbourne School joined peers from across the country in picking up their GCSE results on Thursday morning.

Provisional results show that 68% of students achieved a grade 4+ at english and/or maths.

Head Boy Alex Williams was just one of the happy faces, opening his results to find out he got a grade 7 in Drama.

“It’s that sense of shock, I was getting anxious about it,” he said, before revealing that his next step is to attend Queen Mary’s College to study performing arts.

“I love this school so much and this is the cherry on top.”

Elsewhere, Flamecarmen Stafford will be going to Basingstoke College of Technology to study either hairdressing or media make-up, whilst friend Keira Martin will be undertaking a course in Beauty Therapy.

Keira told the Gazette that she was pleased to get through to the next stage of her career.

Jane Aplin, headteacher of Cranbourne School, said: “It has been a year of tough exams, a lot of pressure on kids but I am really delighted by the way our kids have risen to the challenge.

“I’m particularly proud of our two dyslexic students who have got great grades.”