A QUICK-thinking secondary school student has been praised for coming to the aid of a pensioner who was having a seizure.

Alfie Smith was walking past the shops in Oakley on August 13 when he saw a woman collapse outside the chemist.

Without a moment of hesitation, the plucky 12-year-old rushed over to see that the 75-year-old woman was having a seizure and had stopped breathing.

The Cranbourne student called an ambulance and started to perform CPR until paramedics arrived.

Members of St John Ambulance praised Alfie's fast response and said that he had saved the woman’s life.

Alfie’s mum, Carly Smith, said she was so proud of her son.

She said: “He was walking home from school when the incident happened, and I was shocked when he told me what had happened.

“I am so proud of Alfie for stepping in to help, there are many people much older than him who wouldn’t have a clue what to do or just panic, but his instinct just kicked in and he knew exactly what to do.”

Carly praised the school for teaching Alfie CPR but said he also learned a lot from watching television. 

Carly added: “I didn’t actually know that he knew how to perform first aid, so when I asked him where he had learned how to perform he told me the school had taught him and also from watching shows like 24 hours in A&E where he just seemed to pick up the skills.”

Once the paramedics arrived on the scene, Alfie continued to help the medical staff by blocking off the road to ensure they had space to work and help the woman.

Carly added: “The paramedics said if it wasn’t for Alfie’s actions the woman may have lost her life.

“I’m incredibly proud of him and shows his selfless and caring nature.”