THE mother of a man charged with the murder of a police officer has launched an emotional plea on social media.

Jed Foster, 20, of Keepers Cottages, Pingewood, Burghfield, appeared at Reading Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning charged with the murder of PC Andrew Harper and the theft of a quad bike with an unidentified group of others.

He "strongly denies" all involvement, and will appear at Reading Crown Court tomorrow, Wednesday 21 August, at 9.30am.

Posting on Facebook, Jed's mother Jolene said: "I know you can't read this baby, please stay strong you have many many messages sending there thought. (sic)

"We know you would never be capable of such a horrible horrific act.

"We will fight this and hopefully someone that knows the truth will come forward and tell the truth or live the rest of their lives knowing they let an innocent boy go away for something he didn't do."

She continued: "(There's) a lot that doesn't add up, statements were not taken from people that could give times and places (you) were and CCTV wasn't taken either.

"I love you and behind your (innocence) all the way, hang in there my beautiful boy."

In a packed courtroom featuring more than 40 members of the press, Mr Foster appeared unshaven wearing a grey tracksuit, flanked by two security guards and two police officers.

His solicitor, Robert Jacques, held a press conference outside the court shortly after he was remanded into custody, saying: "Mr Foster emphatically denies any involvement in the murder of PC Harper.

"We urge the police to follow every single line of inquiry to prove who is responsible and to ensure that there is justice in this case.

"We also urge any members of the public who have information - no matter how difficult it is for them - to come forward and liaise with the police.

"There will be no other statement. I ask you to leave them alone - this is very stressful."

PC Andrew Harper was responding to a burglary when he was killed on Thursday evening in Berkshire.

His wife released a statement, calling him "a perfect husband".