A PRIME-TIME BBC show has been filming in Basingstoke following the unsubstantiated rumours that Fast & Furious 9 was recording scenes in Festival Place.

Instead of Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, it was Matt Allwright, the presenter of BBC One’s Rogue Traders who was spotted at Brighton Hill Retail Park.

The television host was recording a segement for the Beeb's flagship consumer programme Watchdog. 

Despite the absence of A list stars, Matt certainly made strives to bring a touch of Hollywood to his performance. 

Donning the costume of Marty McFly from Back to the Future, the host was watched by onlookers as he presented the piece to camera while standing beside a retro DeLorean car. 

Basingstoke resident Sam Rusu saw television crews in action at the retail park. He said: “I was going to Curry’s PC World and I spotted the DeLorean in the car park.

“When I got closer to have a look, I noticed that it was Matt Allwright.”

Matt said that the subject of the film was “top secret”, but Sam says he saw “another guy in a kilt and they were filming a few scenes with Matt saying a few quotes from the film.”

Later on Instagram, Matt uploaded photos and videos of him on site, teasing: “More to follow!”

The BBC has been contacted for comment.