WE ARE used to seeing signs saying ‘no dogs allowed’ but a garden centre café is banning humans from entering, unless they are accompanied by a dog.

Conkers Garden Centre, near Old Basing, has opened a new dog café called The Dog House, which is described as a furiendly place for dogs and their owners to enjoy a tail wagging wide range of doggy treats.

From doggy popcorn to doggy ice-cream, canine visitors have a wealth of food choices, and can even opt for a main course including scrambled eggs with salmon for breakfast or steamed chicken and rice for lunch, accompanied by a drink of Pawsecco or dog beer.

For their human companions, there is a range of traditional café food available including full English breakfasts, jacket potatoes and toasted sandwiches.

The café was the brainchild of mother and daughter team Lea and Tyler Jenkins, who were inspired by dog friendly cafes in the New Forest.

Nineteen-year-old Tyler said: “A lot of people in the garden centre do have dogs but couldn’t bring them into the other café.

“It’s been really popular and has been really successful, people think it’s a good idea. There’s nowhere like this where you can take dogs.”

The teenager said the café caters for dog lovers who see their canine friend as a member of the family, adding: “We do ice cream and cookies and muffins for the dogs. I think people do treat their dogs like they are humans and people come in and buy their dog all these treats and they just sit there with a coffee.”

There is a growing national trend for pet-friendly places to eat. In London last month, a pop-up dachshund-themed eatery opened.

Cat lovers aren’t to be left out, with two cat cafes also open in the capital.

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