A DISABLED puppy weighing less than a bag of sugar has been given the chance to live after his owner defied vets recommendations to put him down.

Amy Daniel fought to save six-week-old Thumper who was born perfectly healthy but with two deformed legs.

Speaking to the Gazette, the Basingstoke waitress said: “Putting him to sleep was never going to be an option.We knew we wanted him to have the best possible life.”

Thumper was born to a Chihuahua mother Missy and a Pomeranian-cross father in July.

“It was a bit of a shock when he arrived. He was delivered smack bang in the middle of the litter. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy and we feared that all of the puppies might have similar issues,” Miss Daniel said.

They rushed to the vets where Miss Daniel was shocked to be advised to put Thumper to sleep.

“We decided to see another vet to get their advice and we contacted a charity for help. Ultimately Thumper doesn’t know any different and he deserves a chance at life as much as the next dog,” the mother-of-one said.

“He is so sweet and cuddly and has the kindest nature. He loves his brothers and sister and tries to keep up with them where he can but he is tiny compared to them.”

The tiny pooch will go under the knife to be given life-altering surgery that will help him move around more easily.

The mother-of-one said: “The past six weeks has been quite a long journey and it has been really difficult at times.

“When we first found out about Thumper’s condition, I turned to social media for advice but quickly received a number of vile comments on Facebook.”

There has been good news, along the way though, as Miss Daniel’s said Next Chapter charity has managed to find a forever-home for Thumper with a family in Kent.

“He has so much love to give but also requires a lot more attention than your average dog. We will be gutted to see him leave and my three-year-old son will miss him but we know he will have a happy home.” Miss Daniel is raising money cover the puppy’s costly £5,000 surgery bill. To donate, visit gofundme.com/f/79fewd-thumper.