A FATHER-of-three has spoke of his “disgust” over a national company’s lack of health concerns.

Luke Hutton had purchased a number of items from a Thornton’s store in Oxford back in April to give to his children for Easter.

However, after they were inundated with chocolate treats, the 30-year-old decided to store the unopened boxes in a dry place for another occasion.

When the Normanton Road took out the three large eggs and one chocolate bunny out of the cupboard to enjoy with his family, he found they were covered in mold.

Mr Hutton told the Gazette: “I was completely shocked, it says on the sell by date January 2020, and barely three months after purchase they were all green and disgusting.

“I raised it with Thornton’s head office and they just wanted to offer me a voucher, they didn’t seem to care about the health concerns.

“Imagine if one of my children had eaten a piece of the chocolate and they had become seriously ill, what would they have done then?”

He added: “It wasn’t about getting my money back or anything I was just disgusted by the lack of interest they seemed to have.

“You’d think as a big national company they would care a bit more.”

Mr Hutton claimed that because three months had passed Thornton’s wouldn’t honour his refund request.

A spokesperson from Thornton’s said: “We take every customer issue seriously and have been in direct contact with the consumer to resolve this query.

“We have a refund policy in place and have advised the customer that he is eligible for a full refund if he can provide proof of purchase. Unfortunately in this case, the customer was unable to provide sufficient proof of purchase to enable us to issue him with a refund. As a gesture of goodwill, we have offered to place an order for him for goods to the amount claimed.”