A SCHOOL in Hook will be saying farewell to a dinner supervisor who has been at the school for more than 40 years.

Patricia Cranham got involved with the lunchtime supervising after Hook Infant School needed someone to stand in on the role in May 1975.

Since then, she has been at the school for 44 years, helping several generations of pupils at lunchtime.

Born and bred in Hook, Patricia has enjoyed her job since starting all that time ago.

Patricia said: "I have enjoyed my time here, and it's become a part of everyday life for me, I've loved it.

"The school has changed so much and so have the children. I've met and worked with hundreds of staff over the years and not had any fallouts with any of them.

"This is a really good school, and the staff have been kind to me."

After her final day at the school on July 19, Patricia will be looking forward to taking some well-earned holiday.

Patricia added: "I'm a bit apprehensive about leaving, it has become a way of life for 44 years, but it will be enjoyable."

Headteacher Melanie Walker said: "She has become synonymous with lunch at the school, I can't imagine what it would be like without her.

"Her dedication is second to none, and she has created a great community around lunchtime here."