PATIENTS are being warned to expect disruption as work is underway to redevelop Basingstoke Hospital’s fracture unit.

The clinic, where patients with broken bones visit for outpatient appointments, is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.

The changes will see the plaster room, where casts are fitted, move to within the fracture clinic, while a self-check in service will be introduced to ensure that patients do not have to wait to check in at reception.

Donna-Marie Simpson, fracture clinic sister, said: “The whole team are really looking forward to being able to care for patients in the redeveloped area next year”.

However hospital bosses have warned the improvements will cause minor disruption.

A spokesman for Hampshire Hospitals said: “Due to the scale and location of the improvement works, there will be some disturbance and noise on hospital grounds.”

Temporary restrictions will be in place for vehicles at the front of Basingstoke hospital from Monday.

And for two months, cars including taxis will no be able to drop off and pick patients from the front entrance to the hospital.

Drop off points will be available at the side of the hospital, near the entrance from the main visitors car park, and outside the Sherborne Building.

A spokesman added: “Visitors will be able to take advantage of the 30 minutes of free parking offered at our hospital sites, to allow for drop offs or quick visits.

The majority of disabled parking spaces at the front of the hospital will remain open, with drivers who display a disabled badge to a member of the car parking team able to gain entry.

Pedestrian access to the front entrance will remain available, but one side of the concrete staircase leading from the car park to the front of the hospital will be blocked off and access will be via a marked out route.

There will be no changes in ambulance access to the emergency department.

Alex Whitfield, chief executive of Hampshire Hospitals, said: “We are very excited about the new space we are creating at Basingstoke hospital, and we ask the public to bear with us while the works go on. I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused whilst these works happen – we are doing everything we can to keep the disruption to a minimum. We all look forward to the safe and successful conclusion to the works, and the use of the enhanced fracture clinic.”