DOZENS of dachshunds went for a dip at a makeshift beach party near Overton last week.

Cherished Farm Shop hosted a dachshund beach party event on Sunday, July 7, with paddling pools and two tons of sand shipped in to create a beach playground for the dogs.

More than 70 people and 65 dachshunds attended the party, with the four-legged friends taking part in a range of beach-themed activities.

A ball hunt saw the dogs search for tennis balls which had been buried in the sand or hidden in the pools, which could then be traded in for prizes.

The pooches also had a chance to enjoy a doggie packed lunch, complete with sandwiches, liver brownies, cheese and marmite biscuits and cocktail sausages.

A fashion parade was won by Michelle and Richard Murphy-Packer with Ada and Gunter, who fittingly dressed up as hot dogs. A raffle was also held, with prizes donated from Laverstoke Park Farm.

The event was held to raise funds for the Red Foundation, a rescue charity that helps rehome dachshunds and provides advice on adopting and fostering the dogs.

Jade Phillips, manager of Cherished Farm Shop, said: “We love hosting dog party events and helping to raise much needed funds for charities, in this instance The Red Foundation who raise funds primarily to rescue dachshunds. They also rehome surrendered dachshunds of all ages & issues to loving forever homes.

“We have great fun while raising money and awareness, everyone was thrilled with the organisation of the event and delighted by the wonderful barbecue on offer.

“Plus, who doesn’t love a dachshund dressed as a mermaid?”

Cherished Farm Shop’s next event takes place on Sunday when it hosts a German shepherd meet-up from 2pm.