A SCHOOL in Basingstoke has looked to help the environment by forming an ‘eco council.’

Park View Primary School, in Pinkerton Road, set up the council in September last year in a bid to make the school greener and get the bronze and silver Eco Awards.

The school has now achieved both of those awards as of last week, and is now gunning for the coveted Green Flag Award.

One child from each class was nominated to be a part of the Eco Council.

The pupils then carried out an environmental review of the school, before deciding what to try and do.

Since setting up the council, the school has cracked down on single use plastic, switching from the 16,000 mini milk bottles used each year to reusable cups, slicing the amount used to 1,200 each year.

They have also looked to recycle crisp packets, so far sending off more than 3,000 to be recycled, with an official drop-off point that anyone can use.

Next is a pen recycling scheme which has so far seen more than 1,300 pens off to be recycled.

Year R teacher Matt Skinner said: “Our second focus was on transport.

“Throughout the year we have taken part in a number of national schemes to help our transport to school become more environmentally friendly such as walk to school week, bike week, scooter week and most recently a charity walk raising £60 for Brake’s charity.”