FOR the last two weeks art has been popping up in unusual places for the Basingstoke Festival.

Over the weekend, creativity came to life in Festival Place as dancers appeared from nowhere to perform a flashmob.

The spontaneous dance has become a regular feature of the festival, with each year 'shoppers' stopping to burst into dance.

Participants of all ages seamlessly took to the floor on Saturday and Sunday for a participatory performance before blending back into the crowd.

Elsewhere in the shopping centre over the weekend, two strange mirrored beings had 'crash landed' in the town centre and were looking for human specimens to interact with.

The interactive performance of Mirror Mirror was commissioned by Without Walls, which had partnered with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in organising this year’s festival.

Also as part of the artistic events taking place around the town, visitors had the opportunity to witness artist Sian Storey bring her paintings to life with a live session from a unit in Festival Place.

Meanwhile, at The Anvil, queen of Dictionary Corner on Countdown, Susie Dent, took her audience on a journey into the curious, unexpected, and surreal origins of words we use every day.

With four days left of this year’s festival there is still plenty to be discovered. For more information, go to