FRIENDS and colleagues gave a long-standing public servant a celebratory send-off after 30 years on a parish council.

David Snook has given more than three decades of service to Pamber Parish Council.

A private ceremony was held on Tuesday to mark Mr Snook’s retirement from local politics, after he announced he would no longer be standing as a parish councillor ahead of last May’s local elections.

During his time as a councillor, he played an active part in social events organised by the parish council, served on it planning sub-committee and acted as a highways representative.

He was also instrumental in bringing about the building of the millennium beacon in Pamber Park.

At the ceremony, chairman of Pamber Parish Council, Cllr Chris Goss, presented Mr Snook with an engraved crystal decanter in recognition of all he had done in his long and dedicated service to the parish council.

Cllr Goss said: “David was an exceptional parish councillor; he was always heavily involved in everything that we did as a parish and would make sure that we were always doing the best for our residents.

“He always wanted to get involved in the social events that we organised and would be an ever present at parish council led events, and I’m sure we will still see him at them even now he is not part of the council.”

Cllr Goss added: “David had a huge hand in getting the millennium beacon put in the park, and he always would make sure it was stocked up with wood.”

Since the election in May, the parish council has seen a returning face to the parish as well as some new faces.

Cllr Goss said: “It is an exciting time for us at the parish council.”