A PRIVATE hire and taxi service is going the extra mile with its backing for Ark Day.

A group of Alpha Car drivers will be taking collection tins in their vehicles in the run-up to, and on, Ark Day to help raise funds for Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

Shaid Khailq, from Alpha Cars, said: “We are delighted to support Ark Day and Ark Cancer Centre Charity, which is a very good local cause.

“By having collection tins in some of our cars, we are delighted to raise awareness of, and funds for, Ark Day and Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

“We are proud to be part of the local community, and our drivers are keen to help make a difference to good causes that support people in the Basingstoke area. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who support our Ark Day fundraising drive.”

Mark Jones, director of fundraising and communications, said: “Thanks to everyone at Alpha Cars for their great support for Ark Day and Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

“Alpha Cars are a high-profile company in Basingstoke, and it is great to have this significant show of support from their drivers and customers.

"Every penny and pound counts so thanks to everyone who pops money into the collection tins.”