A RECYCLING point which became damaged for ‘overuse’ has been removed and not replaced, to the anger of ward councillors.

A cardboard recycling bank at the Pavilion, in Upper Sherborne Road, Norden, would regularly be seen overflowing with items.

Ward councillors said that due to infrequent emptying of the bring bank, the bin became badly damaged by over-filling and was unable to be emptied properly.

When the issue was raised to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, councillors were told that the damaged bin was beyond repair.

However, rather than replace the bin with a new one at the site, the damaged bank was completely removed, something ward councillors are not happy about.

In a statement, Norden ward councillors Carolyn Wooldridge, Laura James and Paul Harvey said: “This council is at the bottom of the recycling league table. Why in the world would they want to reduce recycling banks when this one in particular in our community has proven to be popular and well-used?

“The truth is the council cannot keep up with clearing away the amount of recycling at the bring bank sites.

“Norden residents have told us that they use this facility and they want more opportunity, not less to recycle.”

The borough council said it is currently reviewing the bring sites across the borough on how best to improve its recycling rate.

Cabinet member for environment and enforcement at the borough council, Cllr Hayley Eachus, said: “Paper and cardboard are collected from the kerbside in the green recycling bin and any excess is also collected if flattened or torn into smaller pieces and placed by the side of the bin.

“Residents can also request a second recycling bin if they feel this is necessary.

“The cardboard and paper bank at Upper Sherborne Road was removed due to extensive damage and there are no immediate plans to replace it while we carry out the review of bring banks, considering the usage and weight collected from each site.

“We would encourage residents to recycle this material through their green bins at home while this takes place.”

To find out more about what waste can be recycled by the borough, go to basingstoke.gov.uk/recycling.