FOR as long as she can remember, Elesha Paul Moses has been singing.

When she started to learn to talk she was already coming up with little tunes to sing to her parents and at the age of 13, she decided this was the path she wanted to follow.

Moses gained national attention when she appeared on both The X Factor and The Voice, but it has been her life after shows where her career has taken off.

After not being able to find her place in the world of pop music, it was after stepping into the world of soul that she started to gain some momentum.

Now, Moses has made a career for herself emulating some of the greats and her latest show, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, celebrates the music of Tina Turner.

But this wasn’t always the clear path for the singer.

“I started off singing house and dance music,” Moses told the Gazette.

“I never thought that my voice was really suited for soul singing and I was always drawn more to pop music.

“But I guess I never really put too much thought into how my voice sounded as I can only really hear what I here, but it seems to fit really well with the soul diva style.

“I always liked different music and I never really got obsessed with one person and fell into a certain grouping of musicians.

“So, I didn’t really fit in anywhere because what I wanted to do didn’t really fit a certain mould, and I think that is why appearing on the shows didn’t really help me.

“Now I feel like my voice has become much more diverse and I can adapt to different things.”

With the varying success of contestants who have appeared on TV singing contests, Moses learnt quickly that she couldn’t just rely on her time on camera to launch her career.

Moses added: “Being on TV didn’t launch my career in the way that people think it would. You can’t rely on the shows you have to work hard once the cameras are off to make a name for yourself.

“It showed me that you have to be tough skinned in this industry.”

As well as performing as one of the most iconic divas of all time in Turner, Moses has honed her craft performing as Whitney Houston up and down the country.

And it all started at a club in Brighton.

“A friend of mine was opening a club in Brighton and we were talking about what we could to,” she added.

“He suggested to me to sing some Whitney, so I went home and practised some songs and the rest is history.”

She added: “It’s quite funny looking back as doing a couple of songs used to make me out of breath and now doing two hours a night I’ve really had to work at things.”

What’s Love Got To Do With It? comes to The Anvil on June 15.

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