A BOOST for a prominent Basingstoke cause has come from a charity night.

Bev Harfield and her husband Dave were the driving forces behind the Beaconsfield Ladies Festival Charity Night at the Apollo Hotel – a special event that marked, and celebrated, the end of Dave’s year as Master of the Beaconsfield Masonic Lodge.

The event raised a total of £1,630 for the Ark Cancer Charity and Combat Stress through a massive raffle, with more than 100 prizes.

Bev, who works at Basingstoke-based RSM, said: “I have been collecting prizes since before Christmas, and thanks to everyone’s generous support, the number just kept going up and up.”

Dave added: “We are grateful to everyone who helped with the organisation of this wonderful evening, and we are delighted that the event was another great example of how the Beaconsfield Masonic Lodge, its brethren, and their families and friends have made a difference to good causes.”