A REGISTERED nurse at Basingstoke hospital has been suspended for a year following a series of incidents.

Marian Blenkiron, originally from Northern Ireland, was handed a 12-month suspension order, coming into effect on May 16, having already been given a nine-month conditions of a practice order.

A total 12 charges brought in front of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Fitness to Practise Committee on April 18, included presenting a CV to RAF Odiham claiming Blenkiron was a qualified nurse prescriber when she was not in 2014, incorrectly arranging supply of drugs and injections in 2015, and not notifying Bournemouth University that she was subject to an interim conditions of practice order, among others.

Blenkiron has been a registered nurse since September 1984 and a registered midwife since November 1992.

It was the third review of a substantive order, which was originally imposed by a panel of the conduct and competence committee in July, 2017, which was replaced by a reviewing panel on July, 2018 with a nine-month conditions of practice order.

Part of the committee’s decision read: “Mr Kennedy [representing the NMC] outlined the background of the case.

“He submitted that you do not appear to have complied with a number of the conditions of practice, including providing a written reflective piece, evidence of a personal development plan (PDP) and a report from a line manager.

“In these circumstances, Mr Kennedy submitted that there is little evidence of remediation and therefore your practice remains impaired.”

Another part of the report added: “Mr Loggenberg [representing Blenkiron] submitted that your fitness to practise is not currently impaired. He submitted that you are currently practising safely with no concerns regarding your practice.

“He submitted that you have shown insight into your past misconduct and done everything that you practically can, in very difficult circumstances, to remediate your practice.

“He therefore submitted that the panel should allow the current order to lapse.”

Blenkiron had been working at Basingstoke hospital since January 2019.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, that runs Basingstoke hospital, said: “The individual was employed through an agency contract and we can confirm is no longer working for the trust.”