VOLUNTEERS took to the sky to raise thousands of pounds for a good cause.

On Saturday, 25 May, 14 volunteers decided to take on the daredevil task of jumping out of a plane at a height of up to 15,000ft.

The adrenaline junkies were all raising money for The Pink Place, in Wote Street, which provides free wellbeing services and support to adults affected by cancer.

The 11 volunteers from the Top of Town charity, were joined by three members of the DTC Daredevils - Basingstoke hospital cancer services staff and nurses – to raise £11,972.50 for the charity.

Some of the jumpers decided that they would take the leap of faith at 10,000ft with a few brave fundraisers climbing the extra 5,000ft over Old Sarum airfield, Salisbury.

Maria Burt, cancer services administrator for the breast unit at Basingstoke hospital, was one of the jumpers.

She said: “I loved the whole experience, felt amazing and I am on such a high knowing I jumped out of a plane at 10 000ft.

“To help raise lots of money for a charity and do something extraordinary is an opportunity not to be missed.”

The Pink Place supporter, Samantha Fawcett, added: “‘Having experienced cancer myself, I’ve always wanted to give something back to like-minded charities that supported me through a really tough time.

“Also, the last few years have taught me to seize the day - carpe diem - so when I saw The Pink Place’s Facebook post about jumping for them, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to tick something off my bucket list whilst raising money for a wonderful local cancer charity.’’

Samantha and Maria were joined by Helen Eatwell, Phillip Jesser, Ellie Parmenter, Lisa Williams, Mike Powell, Louise Funnel, Rosie Mandry, Beau Hailey, Jordon Thorne, Annie Miles, Nafia Uriaqat and Sandy Lyford to take on the challenge.

Louise, who is a guest at The Pink Place, added: “The Pink Place in Basingstoke provides support and advice as well and love and friendship for people and their families going through chemo, recovering from or living with cancer.

“The pamper sessions from their volunteers have made such a difference to my cancer journey.

“This sky dive is to raise funds so they can continue doing all that.”

The Pink Place, alongside its other support scheme, The Blue Space, provides wellbeing sessions which are offered free of charge to those affected by cancer regardless of individual circumstances.

To find out more or to support The Pink Place and The Blue Space, go to thepinkplace.org.uk.