HIS World Cup stones idea was a winner for Ark Cancer Centre Charity last summer – and now Basingstoke businessman Kevin White has given it a new twist for Ark Day.

Kevin, director of Fortem Financial Education, has painted 10 stones with the image of Ark Day mascot Moneypenny, and he is now hiding them near the Basingstoke schools that are supporting Ark Day – the 24-hour fundraiser for Ark Cancer Centre Charity, taking place on Friday, June 21.

When each stone is found by a pupil from one of the schools, Kevin’s company, which is based at Worting House, will give the finder a £5 prize and a certificate, and £20 will be donated by Fortem Financial Education – which provides financial education to companies, sports clubs, schools, social clubs and individuals – to the Ark Day campaign.

Once a stone is found and returned, it will be put back out for another lucky winner to find.

When Kevin did a similar initiative, featuring stones bearing the flags of 2018 World Cup teams last summer, £300 was donated to Ark.

Kevin said: “Creating the World Cup ‘Basingstones’ treasure trail was good fun and a great way to further support Ark, so I’m delighted to give the idea a different spin for Ark Day by using the Moneypenny mascot.”

Mark Jones, director of fundraising and communications at Ark Cancer Centre Charity, said: “Thanks to Kevin for coming up with this great idea to support Ark Day, and raise further funds for Ark Cancer Centre Charity.”

The success of Ark Cancer Centre Charity’s £5million appeal will ensure a range of support services and complementary therapies are available alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments in a calm and uplifting environment.

The new cancer treatment centre is largely being funded by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and it will be built on the Basingstoke hospital site.