AFTER Year 10 students at Brighton Hill Community School finished their mock exams at the start of May, they were given the opportunity to apply to become a prefect.

One of the main early responsibilities of the role was to watch over certain parts of the school at lunchtimes to resolve any situations that may come up with younger students.

After submitting their applications, the students who wanted to become prefects were set a trial period of lunchtime duties lasting several weeks, with most having two duties per week around a certain area of the school site, such as the school field or the quad area.

The week before half term, Head of Year 10 Mr Beeching announced that all students who had applied, and had been attending their duties regularly, had now been officially accepted as prefects, a role they will continue into Year 11.

From here, if they so choose, the students can also apply to become Head Boy or Girl.

We would like to congratulate the entire new prefect team for showing their dedication and commitment to the role these last few weeks, and wish them luck should they like to throw their hat into the ring to become Head Boy or Head Girl.

By Charlie Bowden