PEOPLE flocked in their thousands to this year’s Popley Festival.

Now in its 28th year, the festival attracted fun-lovers of all ages to Popley Fields, in Carpenters Down, on Sunday.

More than 5,000 people joined in the fun throughout the course of the day, with a selection of activities available, including a car boot sale, funfair, charity stalls available and other goings-on.

There were also dance performances put on by groups, including from Merton Junior School and the Spotlight Centre.

A friendly tug-of-war competition was held at the end of the day, with children of all ages getting involved with the event to test their strength.

The New Testament Church of God also held an arts competition at the event, in which children were invited to show off their creative skills.

Tracey Judge, centre director at the Popley Fields Community Centre, said: “We had a very busy day and the weather was very kind, as we had sunshine all day. The car boot sale was lovely, and it was a good day for it.

“The dance and gym routines performed by the children were very good and there was a real team focus on the tug-of-war.

“It was a real success overall, and we have made a head start in raising funds for next year’s festival.

“I’d like to thank Phil Mean, who really helped as the main organiser for the day.”