BASINGSTOKE and Deane Borough Council is set to review how it will ensure it meets a government-set house building target - without knowing what the target is.

Councillor Mark Ruffell, cabinet member for planning, infrastructure and natural environment, addressed the full council meeting on Thursday last week about a forthcoming review of the borough's current Local Plan.

The review is necessary as a result of changes at a government level to establish local housing need.

However, Cllr Ruffell told his fellow councillors there was still ongoing examination at governmental level of what the final needs figure will be and so how many homes must be built to meet it.

Cllr Ruffell said: "We cannot be sure what the outcome is going to be. It will be within the next 12 to 18 months."

Addressing members of the council who sit on its Economic, Planning and Housing Committee, which will play a key role with the Local Plan development, and the committee's chair Councillor Stuart Frost, Cllr Ruffell added: "Good luck!"

The council adopted the Local Development Scheme for Local Plan review, which Cllr Ruffell proposed.

The document sets out the timescale for the review.