AFTER half term break Everest Year 10 students will move up to Year 11, so this will be the school's magnificent four's final School News.

We asked them how they had enjoyed the experience and about  their future ambitions.

Having the chance to do the Gazette articles has been fantastic. Over the year, it has given me great literacy skills, confidence and pleasure to have taken part.

My ambition is to become a lawyer; this has helped give me the assured writing skills I will need. The chance has been amazing and whole procedure has been too.

Bethany Fletcher

My experience with the Gazette has been amazing; I got so many opportunities which I am very thankful for. In the future I am going to go to college and hopefully university and I would love to become a lawyer or go into business.

Thank you to everyone who read my pieces and good luck to the Year 10s who will take over from this team 

Henry Weldon

Writing for the Gazette has taught me to have confidence in my work, it’s been interesting and fun. 

My ambition is to become a paediatrician and travel around the world to make new experiences, memories and friends. 

Courtney Little

Writing for the Gazette has been fun and interesting, I’ve loved it especially the praise from friends, teachers and even people I don’t know who have recognised me! 

At the moment I don’t know what I would like to do when I leave education, but it will involve travelling.

Pyran Watson

Everest thanks Bethany, Courtney, Henry and Pyran for all their hard work, we are immensely proud of them.