IT IS June 9, 1817 and a group of malcontents have assembled in a pub near Nottingham.

The crew, led by their leader Jeremiah Brandreth, set about a plan of marching down to London and overthrowing the government, and by virtue wiping out the national debt and putting an end to poverty forever.

What Jeremiah doesn’t know is that there is a spy in his ranks with other ideas.

Written, co-composed and performed by rap storyteller Jack Dean, with an original performed by a live band, Jeremiah tells the incredible true story of the 'much-misunderstood' Luddite rebellion.

Dean is a poet, playwright, performer, emcee and composer.

His work tells stories that wander the lands between myth, memory and history.

He has toured internationally, including performances at Latitude Festival, the South Bank Centre and the Bowery Poetry Club, in New York.

In preparation to coming to Basingstoke, Dean has researched how the area fits into his story.

It is hope that this would bring another element of realism and relatability to the show.

Jeremiah will be performed at the Proteus Creation Space on June 13, with tickets costing £10.

For more information about the show or to purchase a ticket, go to