HEALTHY food is on the menu of a Basingstoke catering company trying to tackle the obesity crisis.

Dayer’s, based on Chineham Business Park, runs 27 contract catering outlets across the UK and is launching a Good for You range to offer customers the chance to select a healthy option from the menu.

The independent on-site catering partner provides food using fresh ingredients to small delis, modern coffee bars and large-scale staff restaurants, as well as serving buffets at themed events.

Dawn Wright, managing director of the business, said the new range will allow customers to choose healthy alternatives, explaining: “It’s an attempt to help fight obesity, help people to live longer, heal the mental health in the corporate world with something no other catering company is doing.”

The new range, which includes options such as quinoa salad and fresh juices, provides details of the full breakdown of macros, which are molecules our bodies use to create energy, found in fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Dawn said it was important to update their menu to cater for the growing number of health-conscious people of all ages, who are now much more aware of what is being put into their body, but she also hopes to encourage others to try something healthier.

“It’s full of menu items that are good for the body and mind,” explained Dawn, adding: “Juices made from scratch with ingredients that work together to do jobs for the body. Our Befree offer means that people can still enjoy a typical ‘sandwich’ lunch but without the allergens that many suffer with, half the calories and bursting with protein.

“We are not just providing information but are fulfilling the needs of people who are more conscious than ever.”

Dayer’s believes it is the only restaurant outside of London to offer a full macro breakdown of the food it sells, and has an ambitious plan to help change the workforce eating habits to tackle the obesity epidemic.

The new range launched on May 15.