LIKE many schools, Everest is made up of many different departments and without them all it would not run as smoothly.

Pastoral leads are a key part in Everest that helps support students in their time of need.

We decided that we would like to interview our pastoral leaders so we could really get a taste of what they do and how much they contribute.

Mrs Hams has been working here for a total of 16 years; she was here through the John Hunt to Everest transition. She is in charge of Year 6 transitions, is the proud Year 7 and Year 11 pastoral leader and in addition an amazing Year 10 tutor.

Mr Ward, who has been working here for six years, does a lot of group work with students who particularly need it and is the pastoral leader for Years 8, 9 and 10.

Together, they play an important role at Everest by sorting out attendance, helping with emotional support (and also physical if needed), and safeguarding.

They also deal with alternative provisions and reintegrate students back into lessons.

Every job has its ups and downs, but their favourite part is the relationships they build with vulnerable students and seeing the students succeed in school and onwards.

When they see that someone has excelled, they are proud to see that they are doing something right.

During their time here, they have learnt that “students respect us, if we respect them, which we do.”

We asked where they both see themselves in 10 years’ time and they both said that they believe they would still be here.

Mrs Hams and Mr Ward enjoy their jobs and are proud to be a key part in Everest.

We are glad that we have such amazing pastoral leaders and also have the privilege to have Mrs Hams as our tutor.

By Bethany Fletcher and Courtney Little