A FOUR-year-old construction enthusiast has been continuing his role as a developer's ‘youngest apprentice.’

Adam Blackwell has been invited to the Gillies Meadow development, in Park Prewett Road, at various stages of the build to see how the homes are progressing and has ‘overseen’ the construction of plot 225.

This was the final stage in the build process for Adam now that the home has been completed.

David Wilson Homes has been working on a story book which will document Adam’s visits to the development and include a timeline of the plot.

The sales advisers at the development first met Adam, who lives close to the award winning development, when he insisted on visiting the construction site every day without fail so that he could watch the construction vehicles in action.

Adam was presented with a toy digger, hard hat and high visibility vest two years ago ahead of his third birthday and has since been invited back to see how work is moving ahead.

Mum Emma said: “Adam is thrilled to be part of this build. The way that David Wilson Homes have reciprocated and responded to Adam's enthusiasm has been tremendous and we are grateful to them for giving him this opportunity.

“His relationship with the site to date has really stimulated his imagination and we are already seeing how this new adventure is inspiring him.

“Adam has always been interested in construction vehicles from a very early age, but certainly since they broke ground at the development.”

According to his mother, Adam is so proud of his hard hat that he wears it almost every day and shows it to everyone he sees.

He hopes to drive dumper trucks and diggers as a career when he is older.