A CHAMPION para-powerlifter from Popley has world competitions in her sights after a night of successes - but needs a helping hand to get to the contest.

Alfie Wright now has a shot at representing the UK on the world stage after winning in four out of five events at a competition.

The 46-year-old won nearly all her events at the Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition, held in Chard, Somerset, on April 27.

She won in the seated deadlift, circus dumbbell press, the crucifix hold and the Atlas stones, meaning that Alfie was the overall winner in the seated woman’s class.

However, she was pipped to a clean sweep to by one second in the 150kg sled pull.

Alfie has osteoarthritis in her left knee, which has led to several complications due to surgeries, so that she has to wear a leg and foot brace.

Alfie said: “I’m shocked at how well I did. In the categories that I won, I obliterated the competition, and it feels great to able to add to the list of victories.”

All of these events have meant that Alfie has qualified for World’s Strongest Disabled Man in June in Ontario, Canada, organised by four-time World’s Strongest Man Magnus Magnusson, who was also one of the judges at the April event.

Another of the judges at the event was World Disabled Strongman Arnar Mar Jonsson.

Alfie added: “I was so excited to hear that I had qualified for the world competition in Canada.

“I’m not sure who I’ll be competing against, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

“I’m very excited, and I’ve never been to Canada before, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

The part-time receptionist is no stranger to the competitive powerlifting scene and has been involved for four years after being inspired to start the exercise after the 2010 Paralympics.

Alfie said: “I was watching the Olympics in London in 2012, and then saw the lifters in the Paralympics as well, and thought ‘I could do something like that’ and then started looking into it.

“I saw some competitive success in 2017, and then I took a break in 2018 before coming back this year.

“I got in touch with the organiser Gary Clarke, who let me compete.

“I’d like to thank my coach James McCallion at Ministry Gym for his hard work, he never doubts me and always believes in me. Also, Blanc, my training partner has been great as well.”

Alfie will have to make her own way to Canada with flights and accommodation.

She is currently looking for help to get to the other side of the Atlantic, and needs to raise £2,500 in order to get there and compete. Alfie is also looking for sponsors.

For more information or to donate, go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/alfie-wright-3.