A WHILE ago, Year 10 students agreed to take part in a ‘mock interview’ run by companies in and around Basingstoke, which included Fortem Financial Management, ACG Architects, Visa Europe, Sainsbury’s and Cornerstone Nurseries, and on Thursday last week they took place.

The companies asked each student to write a CV made from a template provided. Students wrote about themselves and their interests and why they should be considered for a particular job. This was so we would learn what it is like to go in to an interview and how we approach the interview process.

The interviewers were supportive and gave good advice and feedback from the start. As the students are in Year 10, in the next few years we may be going for an actual interview.

The whole process was successful as many students came out smiling and brimming with more confidence than when they went in. We now have a greater idea as to what to expect.  Thank you to all the companies that took part in the interview process.

By Henry Welldon and Pyran Watson