AN ORNAMENTAL gazing ball in a Basingstoke town centre park has been vandalised.

The stainless-steel gazing ball in the Peace Garden in War Memorial Park has had significant damage caused to it after being struck with an object several times, causing numerous dents.

It is believed the vandals caused the damage at some point during the weekend of April 27 and 28.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council reported that this is the second time that the ball has been vandalised since September.

In a post on Facebook, the borough council wrote: “This time it is unlikely that the damage can be repaired. If not, the ball will have to be removed permanently. This incident has been reported to the police.”

The ball reflected the sun and clouds and was a key part of the Peace Garden project to create a lasting celebration of peace and reconciliation, providing a relaxing space in memory of all who suffered in past conflicts, reflecting our hopes for lasting peace in the future.

If anyone has any information about the vandalism of the ball, they are asked to contact the police on 101 quoting 44190148385.