AN ANIMAL-lover has come up with an innovative business idea and a way to help out charities.

Liam King, from Tadley, had wanted to set up a dog rescue shelter, but soon discovered the set-up costs would be prohibitive.

The 37-year-old said: “So I’ve decided to do what I’m good at and set up a campervan building company, regularly donating 10 per cent of our profits to animal charities and dog shelters.”

So Cosy Campers & Furry Friends, a campervan building and hire company, was formed.

But the campervan Liam has created for the first fundraising effort is a little bit out of the ordinary.

Inside the converted van, there is a widescreen TV, a shower, a double grill, a kitchen sink and a fold-out double bed.

Liam added: “People are always stopping to take photos of it. Everytime I take it out and people see it, they all seem amazed.”

A lot of the materials used in the campervan are upcycled, much coming from pallets which are burned with a blowtorch to expose the patterns in the grain.

The creation cost around £6,000 to make and took three months to build.

It is not just animal charities Liam is helping out, he is also fundraising to his best friend John Shilling a prosthetic after the London man had to have his leg amputated in November last year due to an infection. This came after one of his dogs died over the summer, leaving him heartbroken.

Liam added: “Despite everything he has been through, he is always positive and trying to help others around him.

“Recently the NHS fitted him with a prosthetic leg, but he said it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t work properly and causes him pain and stress.

“I would like to raise enough money personally to buy him a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg, that is comfortable and does work well."

The last campervan Liam built had Channel 4’s George Clark’s Amazing Spaces contacting him looking to do a test shoot as it had a jacuzzi that was heated by a log-burning stove and a cinema projector inside.

Liam’s current campervan was for sale on Ebay earlier this week, starting at £8,000. To view, it search for the profile ‘liki9016’. It can also be seen at