A SALES and lettings manager is preparing to entertain her clients when she stops mid-appointment to do an Irish dance.

Anna O-Shea, who works for Winkworth Estate Agents in Basingstoke, has come up with the unusual challenge of dancing on the hour every hour from 7am to 7pm to raise money for Ark Day, on June 21, and will stop whatever she is doing to perform to whoever might be watching.

She said: “It could be during an appointment or in the office, or I might be buying my lunch in M&S. I will be dancing wherever I am. At 7am I’ll probably be in my pyjamas and at 8am in the work car park.”

She hopes to dance at various locations throughout the day, including Airkix and Basingstoke Rugby Football Club, where the Ark Day fundraising will culminate in the evening.

The 37-year-old learnt Irish dancing when she was four-years-old and has been performing on-and-off ever since.

Anna is a committed supporter of the Ark Cancer Centre Charity, having previously raised money for the cause as one of the Ark Riders – a group of fundraisers who have done various cycling challenges to raise money.

She said: “The town needs a cancer centre. It’s a big town and people have to travel elsewhere to get treatment that we could provide here.

“Giving people a better experience when they are going through chemotherapy is important. It’s bad enough having to go through treatment never mind having to travel and being somewhere else.

“It’s a charity so close to my heart and I will always support it.”

Anna hopes her dancing will offer some light-hearted entertainment on the day and encourage people to donate, adding: “I thought doing something that is a giggle would be fun and it’s something I love doing. A lot of my clients have sponsored me when I have done the cycling so I’m sure they will be just as supportive of my Irish dancing.”