IT’S the time of the year where the sun comes out, the trees blossom and the breeze is lovely, however, this is the time that current Year 11s at Everest Community Academy have been working up to ever since they started school… their GCSEs, which start here on May 13.

All around the country, students will be revising as much as they can to get the marks they desire, so I decided to interview some students at Everest to see how they were handling all of it.

In my opinion the four years I have been here passed quickly, and when asking our Year 11s how they felt, they were in instant agreement.  

Time management is the hardest thing to do with extracurricular, loads of revision which they do most days, and regular exercise. 

When in Year 7 they felt as if they had all the time in the world, as many of us do, now it has finally come they wish they could go back to when their worries were ‘how long the cafeteria line would be’.

They are eager to start college or apprenticeships even though some are not sure what they want to do yet, but at the moment they are focusing more on what they have to do now.

When asking what they were most looking forward to after the next few months, they came to a swift conclusion that it was the three months that they get off; they are excited for their results even though it will be very nerve-racking.

We wish all of our Year 11s good luck and hope they get the best results they can.

By Bethany Fletcher