ON FRIDAY, 26 of April, six Everest modern foreign languages students travelled to Surrey University to participate in a challenge.

We left Everest's site at 8.10am and arrived there at around 9.15am and we were escorted to the university by Everest's head of foreign languages, Mrs  Cummins.

Many professionals who work or own well-known companies came to help out for the day as they all know how important languages can be and what impact they can have on you.

Different schools had been mixed together and put in teams like Haribo and Hershey to use their languages.

The main languages used were German, French and Spanish, however we were told that if you know another language then feel free to use it.

The teams were given a bag of Jelly Babies and were told that they have to remake Jelly Babies as a limited edition to celebrate 100 years since the sweet formerly known as peace babies launched.

Each team had to make a hotel booking over the phone in their chosen language, make a Fairtrade stand for their product, a radio advert and give a presentation about their product all in either German, French or Spanish.

The teams were also given another challenge to design a chocolate bar and go round the other teams to try and convince them that their chocolate bar is better than the other teams.

We are very grateful that we had the chance to go and help build our confidence in languages and hope that we get

the chance to visit again.

By Courtney Little