A GLOBE-trotter has made his return home after completing an epic cycle ride to the other side of the world.

Ed Hack, from Ellisfield, left almost exactly one year ago from Basingstoke to complete a cycle ride of a lifetime partway around the world in aid of Trinity Homeless Projects.

The intrepid cyclist finally returned home on Tuesday last week, having cycled to Australia.

Speaking to The Gazette, Ed said: “It’s interesting to be back, it almost feels like I’ve never left in a way.

“While there have definitely been some changes, it is extremely nice to see everyone again as it was lonely at times on the way.

“I’ve been discovering my old clothes again, as I’ve been in shorts and a T-shirt for about a year.”

Ed made the whole journey by himself, but was joined by several friends for certain stretches.

The 23-year-old visited an array of different countries along the way, and was only not on land when going over stretches of water from England to France and from Malaysia to Australia.

Ed did not have any accommodation booked, relying on the kindness of strangers, and a trusty tent that he carried with two small bags.

Ed added: “There were so many generous people that I met along the way in every country I visited, and while there are bad and good people everywhere, the good vastly outweighs the bad.

“Some of the kindest countries that I visited were predominantly Muslim countries, and in my experience, they were so full of kindness and friendship. Some people were concerned about certain stereotypes, but they were kind to me.”

While he was off on his globe-trotting quest, Ed covered thousands of miles and in doing so experienced a diverse selection of events and cultures.

This included being woken up on Christmas Day last year by two dogs attacking each other near where he was sleeping under a bush in Myanmar.

While he visited many countries, Turkey was a highlight for Ed, with ‘delicious’ food and ‘beautiful’ scenery.

While on the self-funded trip, Ed was raising money for Trinity Homeless Projects, with his amount raised now over the £4,000 mark.

Ed added: “I’m over the moon that I’ve managed to raise so much, I was pleased to raise anything for the charity as it means so much to me.”

To donate to Ed’s cause, go to justgiving.com/fundraising/englandtoaustraliabybike.