A CANCER survivor has hit out at what he believes to be mistreatment he received from his employer.

Dave Ketteringham believes he has been ill-treated in the wake of quitting work at Homebase, in Winchester Road, in May last year.

The 57-year-old quit the business and said he and Homebase eventually had agreed late last year he owed them £500 to payback leave taken but not earned, and this was to be paid at £10 per month.

However, at the end of March, Mr Ketteringham then received a letter from Homebase demanding a £823.15 payment into an account. The letter had no contact information on it.

The Gazette understands the situation is under investigation by Homebase

Mr Ketteringham was told he had a cancerous cyst in his mouth in December 2017 which would require 18 months to recover from.

The Tiverton Road, Winklebury, resident said Bunnings - during its ill-fated foray into the UK market which resulted in Homebase taking charge of the business once again - had verbally agreed to give him the 18 months off as paid sick leave.

But by March, the 57-year-old was back at work.

He said: "I had gone through hell and back, but I came back to work for them. I wanted to give back as they had been so good to me. I wanted to repay them.

"I went off on holiday again in April to go back in to hospital for another operation.

"But they moved the goalposts - Bunnings asked us to look after huge sections of the store and I had had enough."

Mr Ketteringham, who had to have a skin graft on his face and neck as part of his treatment, admits he did not serve his notice period and could not provide paperwork about the fallout of his departure and dispute with Homebase, while the March letter refers to 'previous correspondence'.

Mr Ketteringham, who now works on a voluntary basis with logistics for the NHS, added: "I loved it there. The staff were lovely and the management were, but it is the company as a whole."