AN APPLICATION to develop a residential gypsy site near Headley has been met with criticism.

A bid has been submitted to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to use land at Knightsbridge Drive for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes and the building of four utility/day rooms.

The proposal is for children to reside at the site.

A planning statement put forward read: “The proposal incorporates four dayrooms, four touring caravan and four mobile homes.

“Note in regard to making the decision that there will be children living on the site and as such any decision taken by the council should be made having considered the best interests of the children on the site.”

However, on the borough council’s online planning portal there have been 58 comments of objections to the application.

Headley Parish Council objected on grounds that the land acts as an important ‘green buffer’ to residential properties and the surrounding countryside.

In its letter of objection, the parish council said: “The parish council objects to the scale of the proposed development as it is out of scale with the surrounding properties as most properties enjoy a single development per defined piece of ground.

“The parish council also objects to the proposal based on the fact that the light pollution from the settlement would grossly invade neighbouring properties.”

Residents living in the surrounding area also raised concerns that the application would have a detrimental impact on the wildlife in the area.

One resident added: “Planning to this degree would destroy a plethora of wildlife, including rare animals, flowers and trees.”

Another resident added: “This is going to give our countryside a displeasing look, and cause more noise and drive away any wildlife.

“This is an unfair proposal to even think local residents which have lived here for years would be happy for this to go ahead.”

A decision on the application is due to be made at the start of May.

For more information and to comment, go to and search for the reference 19/00441/FUL.