A COMMUTER train service caught fire while at Basingstoke railway station this morning.

The 07.59 South Western Railway service to London Waterloo caught fire while at platform three of the station with flames visible outside one of the carriages.

Train users were evacuated from the service.

Services to London Waterloo are unaffected by the earlier fire.

Hampshire and Fire Rescue Service has said none of its services was called to the incident.

A SWR spokesperson said: "As soon as staff were aware of the issue, passengers were safely evacuated from the train onto the platform at Basingstoke station.

“The emergency services were not called as the small fire extinguished itself shortly after 08.00 and there were no reports of smoke inhalation.

“We will investigate the cause of this incident and have sent the train to the depot so that it is now out of passenger service.

“Any customers who were delayed by 15minutes or more may be entitled to claim compensation. Visit https://www.southwesternrailway.com/contact-and-help/refunds-and-compensation/delay-repay.”