A SPECIAL guest was welcomed to a meet-up of a Basingstoke sports team.

On Wednesday last week, the Basingstoke Bulls welcomed BBC sport presenter Mike Bushell to the team's weekly meet-up.

The presenter was filming the club for his Saturday morning BBC Breakfast slot, in which he profiles a variety of different sports, with this week's focus on Korfball.

Korfball is a mixed gender sport, originating from Holland, with similarities to both basketball and netball.

The segment aired on BBC Breakfast on Saturday.

Speaking on the segment, David O’Neill, coach at the club, said: “We are at the forefront really of making sure that both boys and girls are competing at the same level. You have to have boys and girls playing together, it doesn’t work without it.

“It was originally made for children, so obviously children develop at all sorts of different rates, so if you’ve got boys who are much bigger than girls for developmental reasons, then it just negates and neutralises any physical aspect. And it means you’ve got to use your brain, you’ve got to work as a team.”

The club is currently recruiting new members over the age of 18.

Training takes place at Everest Community Academy on Wednesday evenings from 8pm to 9.30pm.

The first session is free to try.

Those interested can get in touch by emailing info@basingstokekorfball.co.uk or via the club's Facebook page.