TWO watering holes have abruptly closed without warning, according to punters.

The Jolly Farmer, in Cliddesden, and the Bounty Inn, in the Top of The Town, have both closed their doors within the last week, leaving regulars puzzled.

For residents living in Cliddesden, there have been added concerns raised, as The Jolly Farmer is the village’s only pub.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, told The Gazette: “I had walked down there [Jolly Farmer] on Sunday and it was all closed and in complete darkness, which was strange as it is usually really busy on a Sunday.

“I then spoke to a friend who said he had experienced the same thing at The Bounty Inn, which he thought was odd as there was a lot of sport on that Sunday.”

The resident added: “It’s sad to see it [the Jolly Farmer] close as it is within walking distance for a lot of people who live here and it is a focal point for a lot of socialising.”

Clerk at Cliddesden Parish Council, Susan Turner, confirmed that the pub had closed, adding: “I was only in there last week at it was packed.

“It has raised a lot of concern within the village, but at this moment I don’t have any further details.”

Landlord Moray Cameron took over the Jolly Farmer in 2010 and then took over the helm of the Bounty Road facility in 2015.

The Jolly Farmer has become a popular location for spectators who encourage runners during the Basingstoke Half Marathon, with the Bounty Inn being a venue that many people in the town centre venture to to watch sporting events.

The Cliddesden pub had been visited by the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s food and safety officer in January this year, after which the venue received a two out of five rating.

The Gazette approached both pubs for a comment regarding the apparent closures, including visiting the two sites.