RUBY Wax comes to The Anvil on Wednesday, 24 April with her new show Ruby Wax, The Monk and The Neuroscientist: How to be Human.

Ruby explains: “We can’t stop the future from arriving, no matter what drugs we’re on. But even if nearly every part of us becomes robotic, mechanical fingers crossed we'll still have our minds.

"Hopefully we'll use them for things like compassion, instead of just chasing what’s ‘better’ like a hamster on a wheel. If we can do that, we’re on the yellow brick road to happiness”.

With a little help from monk Gelong Thubten, who explains how the mind works, and neuroscientist Ash Ranpura, who explains where everything that makes us ‘us’ can be found in the brain, How to be Human is the show you need to help you upgrade your mind as much as you’ve upgraded your iPhone.

The following evening, power up your DeLorean, recharge your flux capacitor, and get ready to celebrate an unforgettable movie classic in The Anvil’s latest film in concert experience, Back to the Future in Concert.

Fans old and new can experience the thrill of Back to the Future on a big hi-def screen with a full symphony orchestra performing Alan Silvestri’s dazzling musical score live in sync, giving a whole new dimension to this much-loved movie.

The ground-breaking adventure by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis sparked one of the most successful trilogies ever when it burst onto the screen in 1985 becoming the highest-grossing film of that year.

Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) finds himself mixed up in a time-altering chain reaction that could vaporise his future — and leave him trapped in the past. With the help of the eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and of course the time-travelling DeLorean, the pair must repair history and return ‘to the future’.

The film will feature approximately 20 minutes of new music scored by Alan Silvestri especially for these live orchestra presentations, performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Ben Palmer.

Silvestri is known for his award-winning soundtracks including The Bodyguard, Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cast Away, and Predator.

At The Anvil on Friday 26 April, All You Need Is Love is a concert spectacular with the National Philharmonic Concert Orchestra featuring the music of The Beatles.

After paying their dues in the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool and building their reputation in Hamburg, The Beatles unleashed their first single in the UK and went on to top the charts across the globe and change the world forever.

Back in July 1967, and in the midst of the Summer of Love, The Beatles released All You Need Is Love as a standalone single. The simple message John, Paul, George and Ringo shared still stands true today.

Enjoy an evening of nostalgia, joy and wonderment as the orchestra and band pass through the greatest hits of the Fab Four.

For details of all the shows now on sale visit or call the Anvil Arts box office on 01256 844244.